Together, We Will Sing!

Ten Yad is once again making their incredible Tenathon event with a star studded lineup of stellar performers.

When Klal Yisroel experienced the worst pandemic of our lifetimes, the ferocious virus that tore through our communities claiming thousands from us, Ten Yad had to pivot its annual Auction to an online experience, and alas, the Tenathon was born.

Now, three years later, reeling from the worst pogrom of our lifetime, while our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel are still fighting a war of survival, we find ourselves yet again preparing to take the stage in the worst of times. 

Ribono Shel Olam, we want to sing to you, but our hearts are broken!

Upon reflection, last Motzei Shabbos, as the devastating news of the massacre swept through the country, we learned that a young couple, Rivka and Michael, canceled their wedding scheduled to take place the next day.

On Sunday morning, however, when they arose, with Michael summoned for active duty and the terrorists still at large, they decided they must get married. “We thought that there’s an importance to having the wedding as planned,” said Rivka. “Perhaps it could somehow offer a kind of empowerment for Am Yisroel, particularly now when we are in so much.”

Aron and Tamar Greene, a young couple scheduled to get married on Monday night, proudly marched to the Chupa saying, “We will not let the terrorists win.”

Mi Ki’Amcha Yisroel!

Under the direction of our Rabbanim, despite a heavy heart, Ten Yad is pressing forward with The Tenathon 2023, and we will double the Simcha and IY”H be Poretz Geder this war and this bitter Golus.

Our precious Kallahs are bravely going to their Chuppahs with extraordinary courage and faith, and we must be there to support them, ensuring they have everything they need to continue building Am  Yisroel.

So together, we will hold our heads up high and raise our voices to Shamayim at the fourth annual Tenathon; an evening we will dedicate to the safety and security of our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel, which will take place IY”H on  Sunday, October 29th14 Cheshvon.

With one voice, the three pillars of Jewish music today, Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, and Yaakov Shwekey – gracing the stage for the first time together, will share a brilliant choral tribute to the souls we lost and the soldiers on the front lines.

As always, there are amazing ticket packages, including double-your-luck until October 25th. This year, we have curated extra special prizes you don’t want to miss. So visit and double your luck today. All orders of $2,000 and above will include 2 VIP in-person access tickets to the live event. See details Space is limited, so act now.

A portion of every package purchased at will go directly to supporting brides in Eretz Yisroel .

Stay tuned for more sur-PRIZES from the Tenathon 2023.

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