Today: Get Out and Vote in Crown Heights

Today, Tuesday, Yud Tes Adar II, there will be a special election here in Crown Heights to fill the 43rd assembly seat. Crown Heights United is endorsing Brian Cunningham for State Assembly.

On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, Yud Tes Adar II, there will be a special election to fill the 43rd assembly seat being vacated by Assenlwoman Diana Richardson, who resigned to become Deputy Borough President.

In a special election, everyone who is registered to vote, regardless of party affiliation, is eligible to vote for any candidate from any party. It does not matter if you are a registered Democrat, Republican or Independent. Everyone can vote. 

Crown Heights United endorses Brian Cunningham for New York State Assembly. The endorsement was made in consultation with local Askonim and Mosdos. 

Special elections typically have a low voter turnout. Therefore, this will be a unique opportunity for our community to come together and influence the outcome of the election.  

We encourage everyone to please come out and vote to help ensure that our concerns are being heard.
You can find your polling site here:

Sincerely, On behalf of Crown Heights United 

Chaplain Col. Jacob Z. Goldstein 
Rabbi Shea Hecht
Rabbi Lazer Avtzon
Rabbi Yossi Gorelik 
Rabbi Mendy Wilhelm 
Rabbi Shlomie Hecht 
Yaacov Behrman
Yossi Hershkop 
Yossi Hackner 
Avi Leches 
Menachem Light 
Sruly Clapman 
Yaakov Pearson
Mendy Margolin 

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