“To The Chabad Community: I’m Humbled and So Grateful”

At a recent Simcha in Crown Heights, five of the eight Talmidim Hashluchim to Morocco 5743-44 posed for a group photo. From left to right: Arki Deutch, Shimon Mockin, Lazer Avtzon, Zalman Blumenfeld a"h, Shia Morozov.

Rabbi Lazar Avtzon, who launched the campaign to help the family of Peru Shliach Rabbi Uri Blumenfeld, expresses his warm gratitude to the thousands who stepped in to make sure the shlichus in Peru will continue.

By Rabbi Lazer Avtzon

I’m humbled and so forever grateful.

3655 donors and growing donated $484,258 to the Chabad of Peru / Blumenfeld family fund.

Upon learning of the untimely passing of my late chaver, Rabbi Shneur Zalman (Uri) Blumenfeld z”l, I launched a campaign with a goal to raise $1M to help ensure the continuity of his Shlichus and to help his family as they regroup.

Those who know me will confirm that I am a strong advocate to implement obligatory term life insurance for any couple before they get married.

Because he couldn’t buy a policy due to a pre-existing medical condition, and because this is a campaign to ensure the continuity of his Shlichus, I took it on.

Since then, I have been in touch with the family on a regular basis, and hope to travel there soon before or just after the Shloshim, as I was not able to leave earlier while overseeing the campaign and meeting with financial consultants to set up a special Trust Fund.

A special shout out of appreciation to Anash.org for providing a free platform with articles and banners, helping us towards our goals.

Reb Zalman a”h was a chaver and close friend since we were sent together on Shlichus to Morocco on 8 Kislev 39 years ago.

We have worked together on numerous projects, both personal and between my non-profit and his Bais Chabad, helping him import kosher food products to Lima.

Thanks to all those who donated so far, his Shlichus will continue.

The campaign clock has been removed, but the campaign remains open and active, as the needs are far greater than what we anticipated.

In one of our last conversations, Reb Zalman repeatedly told me that he trusts me as one of his closest friends and is relying on me. This statement has become a living will for me to continue and to be there for his family.

The Rebbe teaches us to always strive for more, and I remain committed to do everything I possibly can.

Please partner with me.


Let us reach $500,000 as a minimum.

Together, we can reach that amount and strive to reach the full $1M or at least $770k.

May we merit the coming of Moshiach and know of no more pain.

Rabbi Lazer Avtzon


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