To Live Hakhel, You Have to Learn It

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding Hakhel, but was no single resource readily available with the deeper explanation, purpose, and significance of this treasured mitzvah. Until now.

It’s a Hakhel year, and you know it. It’s on the streets and billboards; farbrengens are dubbed Hakhels, and birthday celebrations are too.

Yet, there’s more to Hakhel than the coined term. 

How can we Chassidim fully internalize this septennial mitzvah?

How can we maximize every single momentous day of Hakhel to carry us until the next one?

How do we fulfill the Mitzvah of Hakhel in its entirety nowadays?

To live Hakhel, one must learn about Hakhel. 

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding Hakhel, and the instruction to make gatherings encourages many to learn more about this mitzvah and gain further insight and inspiration. However, although there are many guides and resources which focus on the practical side of gathering, there was no single resource readily available with the deeper explanation, purpose, and significance of this treasured mitzvah.

Until now. 

With Hakhel: The Inside Story, Sichos in English endeavors to do just that. As the first, all-inclusive Hakhel compilation, this booklet includes a comprehensive explanation of Hakhel, the mitzvah’s significance from the perspective of Chassidus, and additional insights related to this special directive. Through learning about the details of Hakhel — the Jewish King’s signature role, the focus on fear of Heaven, and the unity achieved — a reader will garner an enhanced understanding of the importance of the mitzvah.

On countless occasions, the Rebbe highlighted the importance of celebrating a Hakhel year and committing to its powerful messages. On Simchas Torah of 5748, the Rebbe made a specific request of Chassidim to collect Torah on the subject of Hakhel. This collection was to include both nigleh and particularly Chassidus which engenders the purpose of Hakhel — Yiras Hashem. This is what Hakhel: The Inside Story sets out to do — to comprehensively gather Torah on Hakhel, providing a one-stop-shop explanation of the topic.

Building on the overwhelming positive response to the first volume of the groundbreaking series, The Basics of Chassidus, Sichos in English is proud to debut a sneak peak into volume 7 — Around the Year. In Hakhel: The Inside Story, coauthors Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov of Wimbledon, England and Rabbi Naftoli Hertz Pewzner of Morristown, New Jersey have endeavored to benefit the already far-reaching audience of the new series, presenting this collection to help Yidden worldwide fulfill the directives of Hakhel.

Following the articulate, easy-to-navigate, and reader-friendly format of The Basics of Chassidus series, this work is appealing to read whether you are already acquainted with the series or not. Moreover, this Hakhel learning booklet is guaranteed to bring a heightened understanding and appreciation to any reader, so that one does not just learn about Hakhel, but they are empowered to live it.

Kickstart your next Hakhel gathering by learning Hakhel: The Inside Story. Or purchase your very own copy of this Hakhel compilation to learn yourself, with family, or with friends at your own Hakhel gathering. 

May we merit the ultimate Hakhel gathering in the Bais Hamikdash with the coming of Moshiach now!

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