To Grow Every Day

When one woman approached the Rebbe on the dollars line with a request for a bracha, the Rebbe gave her simple advice for growth.

It was a recurring theme in sichos and in correspondence: one is obligated to grow every day in his service of Hashem, reaching higher than yesterday.

In the early years, the Rebbe once explained this idea to a reporter:

“Every day that we are granted by Hashem is in order that we add in goodness, more than we have done the previous day. For if we would do today only as much as we did yesterday, that would be a waste of a day that Hashem has given us.”

A woman once approached the Rebbe on the dollars line with a request for a bracha on a personal matter.

The Rebbe guided her, “Add in your daily tzedaka. And every day, add one penny more than the day before.”

(As Heard from Reb Leibel Groner)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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