Tishrei Is In the Air at 770 Eastern Parkway

Although the calendar hasn’t yet reached Shabbos Mevorchim Elul, in 770 preparations are in full swing for the thousands of guests who are expected to arrive for the Tishrei yomim tovim after a year when many were unable to come.

By Anash.org reporter

Elul hasn’t yet arrived, but in 770, Tishrei is already felt in the air.

Last year, with travel restrictions still in place, many of the regular Tishrei guests were unable to make it to Crown Heights for the yomim tovim. As Tishrei 5782 arrives, with the covid-19 vaccine readily available and restrictions being rolled back, Crown Heights is expecting to receive thousands of guests who will come to celebrate the month of Tishrei in 770.

Ahead of their arrival, preparations have begun in earnest at the main shul in 770 Eastern Parkway, Chabad World Headquarters. So, despite the calendar still displaying the month of Av, in 770 the month of Tishrei has already begun to be felt.

Over the past few days, workers have begun repainting the iconic 770 benches and tables, giving them a fresh coat of paint and a new look for the new year. With the benches and tables used by tens of thousands annually, the repainting took place every year besides for this past one, and the site was a welcome one for many, even if it caused some inconveniences with its strong smell.

On Tuesday, another site outside 770 reminder passerby that Tishrei was around the corner. Tireless activist Mendel Mintz was seen in discussion with a representative from a tent company regarding the ordering and assembly of a tent on the Eastern Parkway service lane for the benefit of the overflow crowd.

The tent is another annual ‘custom’ that took a break for 5781 due to the coronavirus. On other years, the tent would hold hundreds of visitors looking for a minyan or a quieter place to sit and learn. With the resumption of the full Tishrei crowd, the tent will once again return for their use, and for the use of the Crown Heights residents as well.

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