Tishrei in Lubavitch for Today’s Bochur

Thanks to the hospitality of Vaad Hatmimim, 1500 Bochurim don’t need to worry about a place to eat and sleep allowing them to focus on the real reason they came – to spend Tishrei with the Rebbe.

The busy month of Tishrei is officially upon us!

The streets of Crown Heights are filled with thousands of guests, eager and grateful to be able to spend Yom Tov in the Daled Amos of the Rebbe. 

Among them, over 1500 Bochurim from Yeshivos all over the world. 

To be able to spend Tishrei near 770 is a dream come true, and thanks to Vaad Hatmimim, they are cared for and ensured a comfortable and inspiring stay. 

Vaad Hatmimim puts the needs of our Bochurim, or Tmimim, above all else. 


Over 3,000 daily hot meals, over 900 beds, basic physical needs, not to mention daily shiurim and Farbrengens, as well as round trip bussing to the Ohel several times a day!

For a Bochur who dreams of the chance to spend Tishrei with the Rebbe, Vaad Hatmimim takes care of everything. 

Today, do you have a chance to partner with the Vaad Hatmimim, and ensure a comfortable, inspiring, and uplifting month of Tishrei for the record breaking number of guests, who are in fact, the Rebbe’s Guests!

Vaad Hatmimim is there for today’s Bochur. 

You can be there for Vaad Hatmimim by visiting HachnasatOrchim.com


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