Tisha B’Av Only: Free Kids Video and Special Offer

Watch a FREE Tisha B’Av 30min Kids Animation Video! Also, a Special Tisha B’Av Offer: 25 Videos for $25!

Watch a FREE Tisha B’Av 30min Kids Animation Video! Also, a Special Tisha B’Av Offer: 25 Videos for $25!

To help make the fast easier and meaningful, Ruchnii Studios (formerly Torah Luminations) is offering a free, 30 min video from their “Tales of the Baal Shem Tov” series entitled “Reb Adam Baal Shem”! Also, on Ruchnii.com, they are offering access to all videos for $25 during the day of Tisha B’Av only. Enjoy the free video and the Tisha B’Av access offer from Ruchnii Studios! Your kids can watch videos that will enhance their middos tovos, ahavas Hashem, emunas Tzaddikim and ahavas Yisroel!!  You can watch the “Reb Adam Baal Shem” video below.

• For girls and boys, ages 4-12 years old.

• All content is Rabbinically approved.

• Watch on most devices that have Chrome or Safari browsers (other browsers are not supported).

• No download required

• Simply log in and watch!

Please visit Ruchnii.com or contact them at [email protected] 1.833.867.2458

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  1. This is advertised as a free video, not clearly writing that the story continues in a second video, that the option to watch it is starting from $25. Kids watch it…and of course want to see the end of the story….and now parents are forced to spend $25, not something that everyone has to spend.
    To be honest, what should have been advertised…was the truth…. that the video is only a partial story…and the rest needs to be purchased..for a minimum of $25…giving parents a heads up…to make the decision to watch the free part or not.
    Now, kids beg for the rest of the story… putting parents in a very uncomfortable position… having to say no, because it costs $25 to finish it.

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