Tiferes Summer Yeshiva Make Tumult in Oregon Coast

A group of bochurim from Tiferes Bachurim in Morristown made a tumult in Portland, Oregon meeting countless Jews, instilling Jewish pride, and distributing neshek. All while maintaining a full seder of learning.

Starting just before 15 Av and continuing until after Shabbos mevorchim Elul, a group of bochurim from Tiferes Bachurim in Morristown made a tumult in Oregon from Portland out until the Pacific coast.

The Bochurim met countless Jews, instilling Jewish pride, distributing neshek, and helping close to a hundred Jews put on tefillin many for the very first time. All while maintaining a full seder of learning – studying relevant subjects in both chassis and niglah – and farbrenging with local shluchim and balei batim.

The program was generously hosted by Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm of Chabad of Oregon, and his sons Rabbi Motti and Rabbi Chaim of SW and NE Portland. The bochurim also spent several days in Salem with Rabbi AY Perlstien enjoying his hospitality and sharing mitzvos with other Jews, and farbrenged for many hours in The Oasis in Portland with Rabbi Chaim Meshulovin.

The impact of the program was quickly felt as the Yidden they met engaged them in stimulating conversation and excitedly shared with other people they spoke to the experience of interacting with the yeshiva students and doing mitzvos. They were also invited to join the learning at the new Chabad center of NE Portland which was the yeshiva’s base during its visit.

Shiurim were given by Rabbi Yaakov Wagner who directed the program. “The effect the bochurim had on so many Yidden surely set the tone for the melech basodeh,” Rabbi Wagner said. “Enjoying the raw beauty of Oregon while increasing learning and spiritual growth was an experience these talmidim will long recall. And Tiferes yeshiva in Morristown is looking forward to welcoming the new students that were inspired to join yeshiva as a result of this trip.”

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