Tiechtel Family Raising 31K to Mark 31st Yartzeit

For 31 years, Keren Alta Mina helped thousands of families welcome their newborns home. Help them continue to bring smiles to every child’s face.


31 years ago, a young precious Neshama returned to her maker. On the 23rd of Teves in the year 5750, Alta Mina Tiechtel, of blessed memory, completed her journey upon this earth.

Mina’s joy of life and her enthusiasm and excitement for yiddishkeit and for her fellow Jews was too strong to be diminished. She influenced so many during her short lifetime as she radiated warmth and love to all whom she met. 

Mina exuded joy; even at her young age, she was fearless and wouldn’t capitulate to any weaknesses. Mina would go directly from her chemo treatment to school, with a smile. Mina would be the first to climb to the highest rung of the monkey bars, with joy, disregarding any frailties.

So with the sound of Mina’s laughter still in their hearts, Mina’s family embarked on a campaign to ensure that every single child in our community of Crown Heights can also have a vibrant smile on their face.  Led by Rabbi Shlomo and Mrs. Shana Tiechtel, Keren Alta Mina carries the responsibility to ensure that every child has what they need to start off their lives as befitting a Yiddishe kind. Whether it’s a crib and mattress, a carriage, a high chair, or a car seat to come home with from the hospital – Keren Alta Mina is right there. (Learn more at www.KerenAltaMina.com)

On Chof Gimmel Teves,  we commemorated the 31st Yartzeit of Alta Mina Tiechtel. It is in honor of this time that we invite you to be part of this incredible revolution of ensuring that no Jewish child goes to sleep tonight in a dresser drawer, and that no Jewish mother should be stuck without the ability to take her child outside for some fresh air because they simply cannot afford a carriage.

With the help of a caring and generous friend of Keren Alta Mina, the family has launched a Charidy campaign with the direct goal of raising funds to enable every family that needs support to receive the baby furniture their newborn needs.

Beginning today, 11 Shevat at 12 noon, you will have a chance to do a mitzvah in Alta Mina bas Yissacher Shlomo’s merit by participating in this worthy campaign. 

31 Years. $31,000. 48 Hours. Every single dollar raised for the next 48 hours will go directly to bringing a smile to another child’s face by providing a warm bed for them to sleep in and safe car seat to make it home. The children need YOU! www.Charidy.com/Mina

Please join this special campaign as we continue to bring so much joy to the Kinderlach of our community, in loving memory of Alta Mina Tiechtel A”H.
Every little bit helps:

$250 buys a crib and mattress 
$180 buys a carriage 
$150 buys a porta-crib 
$110 buys a high chair 
$100 buys a car seat or swing 
Any amount helps a child
With appreciation,
Rabbi Shlomo and Shana Tiechtel

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