Thursday: Shloshim for Levi Heintz

The shloshim of Levi Yitzchak Heintz a”h will be taking place at Aliya Institute in Crown heights, as well as online. A new mentorship fund, launched in his memory, will be offering a variety of services at crucial intersections in life.

The family of Levi Yitzchak Heintz announced that the shloshim for their son will be held at Aliya (Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults) Institute at 525-527 East New York Ave on Thursday, September 24th.

Davening and Dinner at 9 pm, followed by speeches at 10 pm. We invite everyone to take part in their own way and celebrate a cherished son, neshama, and friend.

According to Jewish Law, the mourning period does not end with the Shiva. The time of reflections and restrictions, in some form, continues for 30 days. We know this period as the Shloshim. And although it marks a calendar-end to our grief it does not signal an end to our feelings, to our love, nor to legacy. Levi Yitzchak’s legacy is wrapped in light, clothed with service, and standing on a foundation of loyalty.

His legacy lives on in our hearts and most importantly in our actions. His legacy continues to mentor and lead.

The Levi Yitzchak Mentorship Fund offers a variety of services at crucial intersections. One-on-one mentorship, private counseling, and an emergency fund are just a few. A new website, with increased functionality, allows mentors and mentees to sign up and spread some light.

Earlier this week the Mentorship Fund partnered with families and community, in a multi-day campaign to raise $100,000 and fund a year of good. Your partnership is essential in ensuring the longevity, success, and overall enrichment of our community. If you haven’t given yet, now is a perfect time. Usher in a new year, a new chizuk, and a new chayis.

May this very special project bring Levi’s neshamah the ultimate aliyah and return all the young neshamos who’ve left us at a ripe young age, with the revelation of Moshiach.

To join with your neighbors near and far, please visit

To join remotely: zoom id

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