Three Times the Rebbe Lifted His Hand to Sign the ‘Last Letter’

Just before going to the Ohel on 27 Adar 1, 32 years ago, the Rebbe signed the last letter to participants of Chabad of Hallandale’s annual dinner. Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus shares the story behind it and what a graphologist revealed about the signature.

By Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus 

Thirty two years ago, on 27 Adar 1, 5752, the Rebbe suffered a stroke at the Ohel. 

Before going to the Ohel, and after going to the Mikvah, there was one two-page letter on the Rebbe’s desk: The letter was addressed to our 11th Annual Dinner of Congregation Levi Yitzchok-Lubavitch in Hallandale, Florida. 

Although dated Purim Koton, the day the Rebbe distributed the Maamor of ואתה תצוה, the letter was actually signed on 27 Adar Rishon, right before going to the Ohel. 

With great effort, according to a graphologist, who studied the signature of “the Last Letter”, the Rebbe had to lift his holy hand three times, to actually sign his name. 

We had the great Zechus, that we have a Chazakah, a three day in a row series, of Brochos from the Rebbe for our Dinner, Mosod and Peulos. 

On Shabbos, VaYakhel, 25 Adar 1, I was not at the Farbrengen. I asked Rabbi Avrohom Korf, Head Shliach to the State of Florida, may he live until 180,  to take on my behalf a bottle of Mashke from the Rebbe, and to announce our Dinner, that took place nine days later. Rabbi Korf received the bottle from the Rebbe, made the announcement, gave out some Mashke in 770, and gave me the bottle the next day. 

On Sunday, 26 Adar 1, during dollars, we received Brochos once again from the Rebbe for our Dinner, Building, and Peulos, and presented the Rebbe with an artist’s rendering of Congregation Levi Yitzchok-Lubavitch. 

The Rebbe asked if the picture was a gift for the Rebbe, and we answered in the affirmative. 

The picture was placed by a secretary in a bag for the Rebbe to keep. 

And then of course, on Monday, 27 Adar 1, the Rebbe signed the letter to our upcoming Dinner. Hence three days in a row, 25 Adar 1, 26 Adar 1, and 27 Adar 1, the Rebbe showered upon us so many blessings. 

I am extremely humbled to have this “Chazokoh”, perhaps this may be the reason, every morning when I wake up, I feel like it’s my first day on Shlichus… It’s a huge Brocha to feel this way – especially as my Rebbetzin Goldie and I are in our 44th year on Shlichus. 

Despite all the Brochos and feelings, it’s not enough. רצוננו לראות את מלכינו!

We want to see the Rebbe and hear new Sichos from the Rebbe with the immediate revelation of Moshiach, NOW! 

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  1. The last known time that the rebbe signed was for kopas rabeinu (& mchiras chometz 5752-5753)

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