Three Podcasts Will Prepare You for Purim and Pesach

Three podcasts by Rabbi Mendy Yusewitz will prepare you for Purim and Pesach and give you the bitachon boost you need.

Prepare for Purim!

Dive into Masseches Megilla and uncover the secrets of the Megillah and Sipur Hanes with Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz’s daily Amud and 10 minute Shiur! “אורה זו תורה”

Join now:

Become a Baal Bitachon!

Adar is the perfect time to boost your Simcha and complete Shaar Habitachon in just 22 days!

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Prepare for Pessach with the Alter Rebbe!

Discover the intricacies of Hilchos Haggalas Keilim, Bdika U’Biur Chometz with Rabbi Oberlander’s seder limud!

Join the journey:

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to deepen your knowledge and connection! Join us today!

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