Three Glimpses Into Shlichus in Middle of Nowhere

Chabad of Las Cruces, New Mexico under the leadership of Rabbi Bery Schmukler, provides support and Yiddishkeit for the locals, tourists, and IDF trainees that work there.

Chabad of Las Cruces, New Mexico is raffling off “The African Trip Of A Lifetime!” on Wednesday night, the eighth of Teves. Here are 3 stories of what shlichus is like in a physical and spiritual desert in the middle of “nowhere”.

1. Intermarriage Rate 100% R”L

Being in a desert both physically and spiritually creates unusual circumstances – but we were able to have 3 Bar Mitzvahs this past year. Although none of the boys’ fathers are Jewish – these boys came together to learn and have their Bar Mitzvahs. They come often to put on tefillin and keep up what they learned.

2. Shai’s Lettuce

One of the things that we have the privilege of doing is hosting the IDF soldiers and crew who come from Israel to train and perfect the accuracy of Iron Dome system at White Sands Missile Range.

At one of our weekly BBQ’s for the Israeli IDF, Shai came over to me and said: I never dreamed that Chabad would be here, so I didn’t bother checking. If not for one of my friends inviting me tonight, I would have spent the next 2 weeks eating lettuce…

3. Mes Mitzvah

Learning about the concept and importance of Mes Mitzvah was always somewhat abstract to me, until I was notified about a homeless Jew with no family who had passed away and was in the County morgue.

Unless someone stepped forward, the County would cremate him.

B”H with the support of many, we were able to bring him to Kevuras Yisroel.

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