Three Generations Revolutionize Tanya Study

Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Rabbi Zevi Wineberg has authored ‘The English Tanya,’ which presents the Alter Rebbe’s teachings combined with enriching explanations, in an easy-to-read format.

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Rabbi Zevi Wineberg is following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps by making the Tanya more accessible to the average reader.

The chain began with Rabbi Yosef Wineberg, who created a guide to the Tanya and broadcast a popular radio series in Yiddish, later translated into ‘Lessons in Tanya’ by his son Rabbi Sholom Ber Wineberg. The third generation, Rabbi Zevi, has taken it a step further by recently publishing ‘The English Tanya’ – a paraphrased translation.

The book explains the concepts taught in Tanya, based in the order they appear in the original sefer, interspersed with headings that present the flow of thought of the Alter Rebbe and enable a better understanding of the material.

“The goal of a translation is to make an inaccessible wisdom accessible,” Rabbi Wineberg explains, “and it is hoped that this paraphrased translation will help more and more people.”

‘The English Tanya’ is available for purchase on Amazon.

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