Three Days Left To Submit Geulah-Inspired Creative Project

Tut Altz kids is currently running their annual International Moshiach Contest for Hakhel 5783, enabling kids to use their knowledge of Moshiach and Geulah to create innovative projects.

Schools and kids around the world are currently working hard to plan, design and create their ideal Moshiach project they would like to submit for this year’s Moshiach Contest.

The topics for this year have been taken from the Tut Altz: Live With Geulah Now Curriculum, topics varying from adding the Alef to Golah, Shlichus and Moshiach, The Role of Miracles in the Geulah, Yetziyas Mitzrayim today and more. Taken from the Rebbe Sichos of 5751-52, this curriculum consists of 9 segments, breaking down essential Geulah concepts, engaging and empowering children with the Rebbe’s unique vision for their role in bringing Moshiach.

“The very fact that Hashem gifted you with these special talents is a sign that, in this area, it is your mission to do more and more.” (ז’ מנחם אב תש”מ)

Share this opportunity with your kids and allow their talents to shine in the best way possible.

Kids from Grades 3-7 can pair up to a group of 4, choose a topic, design a project and submit it on Tut Submissions are due by Tuesday, 3 Sivan, May 23.

Exclusive for schools! Have at least 80% of your class participate in this project and be entered into a raffle to win a Free Experience of Mikdash VR for your entire class!

“The girls are so excited to pair up and work with their friends on this project, and they look forward to participating in this exciting raffle,” shares Morah Avtzon, 5th Grade Teacher from Bnos Menachem. 

After submissions have been sent in, there will be a live poll where kids, friends, teachers and parents will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite and unique project. The top votes will then be sent to lead Judges, who will select three top winners, and one runner-up from each grade, all winning amazing prizes. The finalists will be chosen based on the project’s message, creativity and presentation. All participants will receive a prize for their submissions.

SAVE THE DATE: Winners will be announced at the Tut Altz Kids Hachana to Gimmel Tammuz Hakhel Farbrengen on Sunday, 29 Sivan, June 18.

Submissions should be sent to More information and details can be found here.

You can access all the Live with Geulah Now booklets for FREE on

For more information or inquiries, reach out to [email protected] or +1 347-343-4514

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