Three Chassidim, One Bar Mitzvah

Three teshura mementos, distributed by the Bar Mitzvah of Yankel Schmukler on Tuesday night, give a window into the lives of three of his great-grandfathers; Rabbi Yankel Lipsker, Rabbi Yankel Majeski, and Rabbi Yitzchok Ushpal.

Three teshura mementos, distributed by the Bar Mitzvah of Yankel Schmukler on Tuesday night, give a window into the lives of three of his great-grandfathers; Rabbi Yankel Lipskier, Rabbi Yankel Majeski, and Rabbi Yitzchok Dovber Ushpal.

The first, a 108-page booklet, documents the life of R’ Yankel Lipskier, starting from his youth, and continuing through his life in Crown Heights and his special relationship with the Rebbe and Rebbetzin. The biography was compiled by his great-grandson Memkeh Schmukler, brother of the Bar Mitzvah boy.

A second teshura describes a unique shlichus that R’ Yankel Majeski received from the Rebbe; to bring a Sefer Torah from New York to the Tzemach Tzedek shul in Yerushalayim. The article, originally published in Hamodia in 2013, was written by Dovid Margolin, and like his many other articles, is a fascinating read.

In “Toldos Yitzchok”, the third teshura, the family printed pilpulim prepared by Rabbi Yitzchok Dovber Ushpal,  late rov of Boro Park’s Anshei Lubavitz shul. The pilpulim were prepared for Bar Mitzvah bochurim to say at their celebrations, as per the Rebbe’s request that the Bar Mitzvah boy should say over words of Torah besides for the traditional ma’amar.

The booklet also printed a URL link to hear a recording of Rabbi Ushpal teaching trup for leining and for the haftorah. It can be accessed here.

Click here to download “Reb Yankel Lipsker”
Click here to download “Reb Yankel Majeski”
Click here to download “Toldos Yitzchok”

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  1. Thank you for sharing these treasures. Rabbi Ushpol’s recordings of trop are breathtakingly beautiful. The Lipskier biography is a must-read: I couldn’t stop once I started. I am sure the Majeski biography is, as well — I’m about to begin it. Yasher koach to all involved.

  2. The Lipskier teshura is addictive. I have read it a few times, each time finding more reichkeit.

    Some known and some unknown amazing chapters of Chassidishe history come alive. These stories empower us and enhance hiskashrus and encaptivate our farbrengen participants with their rich content and true Chassidshe flavor.


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