Thought You Missed It? You’re In Luck!

The MCM Mega Auction ends tonight at midnight. It isn’t too late for you to participate – and we really recommend that you do, there are incredible prizes for you to win!

To date, nearly 2,000 individuals have joined the MCM Mega Auction.

25 Winners have already been announced, and, thanks to the automated system that begins a new cycle when a lucky winner has been drawn, there are dozens of prizes left for you to win!

Want to win instantly?

Try your luck at the :

KMR Vacation for Two

A Judaica Leathers Tallis Bag

A Family Photoshoot by Naftali Marosow

A Sterling Silver Menorah

And more!

Tonight at 11:59 PM the lucky winners of the Auction Prizes will be drawn. Join now for your chance to win:

An Eternity Band

$10,000 Cash

A Lace Top Wig

The raffle is over tonight, buy your ticket today to secure your chance at winning one of the incredible prizes that you know you want!

Take part now!

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