This Yud Shvat, JNet Goes To the Next Level

On this holy day of Yud Shvat, and in the merit of Rabbi Yudi Dukes a”h, JNet is looking to build 3 new programs. Take a part in them today.

JNet – the Jewish Learning Network is a global network committed to providing every signed Jew with the ability to have a set time for Torah learning.

On this holy day of Yud Shvat, and in the merit of Rabbi Dukes ז”ל, JNet is looking to build.

3 new programs are in the works to enhance the experience of every single chavrusa.

Right now you can participate by donating at and become a part of these projects.

Thanks to the Meromim Foundation, The Yisroel Foundation, and the Azar Family Foundation every dollar is now being matched!

Double your impact and be a part of creating the future of online chavrusa learning. 

Donate now at

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