This Year, Let’s Conquer the NYC Marathon Route With Tefillin

Shmarya Richler, a third time marathon runner and passionate Lubavitcher, is here with a plan and a sign up sheet for the NYC Marathon coming up this Sunday.

By: Shmarya Richler, Marathoner

The upcoming New York City Marathon will take place this coming Sunday, November 5’th. I’ve run it
twice (2021 and 2022) and I”YH will be running it again this year. There is a Minyan tent at the start. It’s
well attended and there are Chabad representatives helping runners put on Tefillin before the race. Last
year hundreds put on Tefillin in the tent and there were seven Bar Mitzvahs. The oldest was 77!

It’s another story along the route. About two million people come out throughout the day to watch and
cheer the runners. Having run it twice I know that there are many Jews among the spectators. More
than once people have called out to me about my Tzitzis! It’s a great opportunity for Mivtzah Tefillin and

Given the situation in Eretz Yisroel it is imperative that we come out in force. The marathon route is 26.2 miles long! Not counting the bridges, where spectators are not allowed, there are about 22 miles of people lining the streets all day. Considering both sides of the streets that’s about 44 miles of people!

The whole way is packed with spectators but there are many spots along the route where there are much larger numbers of spectators. For example:

 The area around 4’th and Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn (near the Apple store).
 The area around First and 59’th in Manhattan.
 First Ave from 59’th to the Willis Ave Bridge.
 Fifth Avenue from the Madison Avenue Dridge until 86’th Street
 The finish line area on Columbus Ave (9’th) from West 69’th to West 76’th streets in Manhattan
 Central Park East from 86’th to 59’th (and 59’th street along the park).

There are thousands of people at these locations the whole day! So, if you arrive at a spot and someone
is already there you just have to walk 50 feet and you will have plenty of customers.
I’ve set up a web site with information about the route, the crowds, the times etc. Check the maps and let me know where and when you will be during the race. I will update the chart frequently showing where everyone has chosen to be on race day.

The race begins on Staten Island at the foot of the Verrazano bridge. It starts in stages between 8:00AM and 11:30AM. There are 5 waves with about 10,000 runners in each wave. The crowds start lining the streets in Brooklyn at about 9:00AM and a bit later in the other Boroughs.

The route takes us through all five boroughs and goes through many neighborhoods on our way to the finish in Central Park. Many streets are closed so make sure to check the street closure list on the web site.

The best way to get to the Manhattan sections of the race may be by train. Please send me your name and mothers name so I can bring them to the Ohel after the race. Also, please send pictures and if possible, the number of people you put on Tfillin with and gave Neshek to.

I will post the pictures and numbers to the web site and send them to various news sites.

Let’s do our part to help our seven million family members in Eretz Yisroel and give the Rebbe a Nachas
Ruach. The web site address is

We Want Moshiach Now! To reach out, email [email protected]

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