This Year, Enjoy Learning Hilchos Kiddush Hachodesh

With his signature clarity, Rabbi Yossi Lipskier illuminates the principles needed to understand this complex section of Rambam being learned by thousands this coming week.

It’s that time of year again. The study cycle for 3 Prakim Rambam is starting Hilchos Kiddush Hachodesh.

Sun. Moon. Ecliptic. Constellations. Degrees. Angles.

Most of us will shut our brains off before we even start. “It’s too hard, the calculations are impossible to understand.” And so we’ll gear up for another year of “reading” this part of Rambam instead of learning it.



Instead, listen to this series of relatively short classes by Rabbi Yossi Lipskier, Shliach in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Using easy-to-understand language and visual slides, Rabbi Lipskier explains the premises and principles that form the basis of these involved Halachos.

When you’re done, you’ll be empowered to learn the Rambam with confidence like never before.

Check out the videos. You’ll be happy you did.

CLASS 1: Introduction

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For the full series, click here:

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