Today: Ohel Nosson to Complete First Sefer Torah

Last Purim night, members of Ohel Nosson began writing their very first Sefer Torah. 12 months later, they are celebrating its completion and are inviting all Anash to celebrate with them.

Last year, during Shnas Hakhel, the members of Ohel Nosson launched an ambitious vision together: to write the very first Sefer Torah by and for the Ohel Nosson community.

On the eve of Purim, men, women and children gathered to inscribe the first letters, and–incredibly–within weeks, every single Parsha was dedicated by a member of the Kehilla!

This Sunday, 12 months almost to the day, the shul will celebrate its festive Siyum, and invites Anash of Crown Heights to celebrate with them.

This achievement is a shared simcha of every individual who dedicated a Parsha, and every individual who counts themselves among the members, members-at-large, friends and supporters of Ohel Nosson.

The final letters will be inscribed beginning 2:30 PM at 825 Eastern Parkway, where a small group of about fifteen men, mostly bochurim, founded the shul 16 years ago.

At 4pm, the new Torah will be paraded to the shul’s current home at 580 Crown Street, for Hakafos and festivity.

We greatly look forward to celebrating!

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