This Shlucha Stayed Home for the Kinus

While fellow shluchos were connecting in New York, Kharkov shlucha Miriam Moskovitz chose to remain with her community who needed her support and instead hosted a Mega Challa Bake.

Kharkov Ukraine. 22nd of Shvat. 16 hour drive to the closest airport. 20 miles from the Russian border. War is raging outside but inside the shul in Kharkov, women of all ages have joined for a mega challa event to pray together. And they have so much to pray for. Peace in Ukraine. Peace in Israel.

Miriam Moskovitz, the shlucha in Kharkov, decided that this year she would stay with the women in her community who so need encouragement and support now, instead of going to the Kinnus of Shluchos in New York.

As the dough was rising, Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz spoke about the power of the Jewish woman being on the forefront to bring the Geulah. After giving tzedaka and taking Challa, there was a special moment for prayer. Each woman got a name of one of the hostages in Gaza to pray for and everyone took a few moments to pray for their families and for better times in Kharkov and a true peace in Israel and Ukraine.

As the challos were baking the women enjoyed a full program dedicated to Shabbos and the 22nd of Shvat – the Rebbetzin’s Yahrzeit. 

And as the evening came to a close and she saw the smiles and the energy in the air the shlucha knew that they would be going home with much more than just two freshly baked challos and a Shabbos bag – they would be leaving full of energy and inspiration to light up their homes and the whole Kharkov.

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  1. Chazak Chazak v’nischazek!
    What a beautiful and meaningful way to prepare for the imminent arrival of HaMelech HaMashiach and the complete redemption, אכי”ר
    More power to you!
    Great nachas ruach to The Rebbe, HM” H BH

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