This Purim Help a Poor Family in Need!

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This Purim, fulfill Matanos LoEvyonim in its highest and best form by donating to and helping a very poor family that is struggling financially.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This Purim be מקיים the great מצוה of מתנות לאביונים in its highest and best form by donating to and helping a very poor family that is struggling financially and has accumulated huge amounts of debt and is begging for your help. The פוסקים write that you should spend more on the מצוה of מתנות לאביונים than on משלוח מנות and סעודת פורים. The Gemara says that the eyes of the poor are looking out for מקרא מגילה as this is when they will get the מתנות לאביונים.

Even if you already gave today Tzedakah you should still donate to this important cause as it says כל הפושט יד ליטול נותנים לו, so please donate generously and keep in mind that every dollar goes directly to the poor family, 100% of your donation, וכל המוסיף מוסיפין לו מן השמים.

In the זכות of this great Mitzvah may you and your family be blessed by Hashem with Bracha, Hatzlacha, Refuos and Yeshuos and all your Prayers should be answered and you should always be on the giving end and never on the receiving end.

Thank you, תזכו למצוות and פורים שמח. 

David R.

Donations by phone (24-hour hotline): 929-624-6699

QuickPay/Zelle/PayPal: [email protected]

Tax deductible checks payable to: Ahavas Chesed Charity, Inc. can be mailed to: Ahavas Chesed Charity, Inc., 1274 49th Street, # 406, Brooklyn, NY 11219

Tax ID: 85-2853617


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