This Is Not a Magazine

The Derher Magazine has become a staple in Chabad homes throughout the past 11 years. During that time, The Derher has developed into so much more. Join the Derher Auction to take part in their mission. 

While The Derher may look like a magazine, pieces of paper with articles and pictures bound together and sent out to mailboxes across the globe every month, it is so much more than that.

The Derher is an organization that was founded 11 years ago with the mission to educate, inspire, and enable Chassidim to live with the Rebbe in a very real way. 

Every single issue of The Derher is filled to the brim with stories, interviews, historical moments and the Rebbe’s timely guidance  as presented in the sichos and Igros Kodesh. Most importantly, The Derher aims to make ‘living with the Rebbe’ a concept that is exciting, meaningful and relevant to everyone. 

The Derher’s readers span across the globe and our audience consists of members of every single age group. When the Derher arrives in the mailbox, everybody knows that something special awaits. 

Derher For Kids is a brand new podcast that is produced especially for children so that they too can partake in, enjoy, and learn from the wealth of content that The Derher produces.

For, as we said, The Derher is not a magazine. 

It’s an experience.

It’s an education.

It’s a Farbrengen.

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