This Chanuka, Support Chinuch al Taharas Hakodesh

Chanukah is synonymous with Chinuch. Crown Heights Cheder Ohr Menachem will be running its Three Weeks, Three Raffles campaign to support chinuch al taharas hakodesh.

Chanukah and Chinuch are synonymous and the perfect opportunity to launch a fundraiser to support chinuch al taharas hakodesh.

As the Rebbe wrote in a letter dated Zos Chanukah, 5726 “no sacrifice should be too great in our efforts in the cause of Chinuch, especially the education and upbringing of the younger generation. May every one of you individually, and your group collectively go from strength to strength in your work to spread the light of the Torah and Mitzvoth in an ever growing measure, in accordance with the message and inspiration of the Chanukah lights which we light in growing numbers”

A Chanukah raffle campaign was launched to support Cheder Ohr Menachem of Crown Heights. The cheder is an elementary school with Chassidishe, dedicated mechanchim, small class sizes and high academic standards that encourages every child’s growth in learning and yiras shomayim. The small school produces great results, but the community’s help is needed sustain the moisad.

The first drawing of the Three Weeks, Three Raffles campaign will be held on Sunday, the third day of Chanukah with two more raffles on Sunday, 5 Teves and Sunday, 12 Teves. Multiple prizes will be awarded for each raffle including $1,000 cash, a dollar from the Rebbe, a complete set of Lekutei Sichos, gift certificates valued at hundreds of dollars at crown heights establishments and much more.

Go to to see more details and purchase tickets.

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