This 9-Year-Old’s Answer Stunned His Teacher

When a teacher asked his class of 9-10 years old young shluchim a question about the Rebbe, he didn’t expect such a response. But he was not disappointed.

A teacher was recently teaching a class of 9-10 years old young shluchim.

One of the young shluchim asked the following question:

“Why do we always talk about the Rebbe as more important and relevant, more so than any of the previous Rabbeim?”

The teacher was taken aback.

Just then, another student piped up: “It says clearly in Derher for Kids: We see how the Rebbe continues to connect to us and help every Yid.”

Our children grapple with these questions. The winds of the world are blowing stronger than ever and we need to do our part to educate them with love and proper guidance.

The Derher publications, and especially Derher for Kids audio, has proven to be an invaluable tool, giving our kids the guidance and understanding that the Rebbe is with us.

As a teacher in a girls’ highschool shared:

“It’s an unfortunate reality that many of our teens these days spend hours a day on social media and have been influenced by the outside world. It’s incredible to see what the Derher club has been able to accomplish in our school. The girls have been given the opportunity to see and appreciate the Rebbe’s broad vision and how relevant it is for us nowadays. I’ve already seen how it is having an impact on our students.”

This is the impact that Derher is having.

Today, you can participate in Derher’s noble mission, bringing Yidden closer to the Rebbe.

Not (only) the Yid out on the street, but your own sons and daughters, your family and yourself.

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