Thirteen Day Farbrengen Camp Had Only 7 Campers

A groundbreaking “Thirteen-Day Farbrengen Camp” with only seven campers set out to amplify and set in motion a series of events to return young, holy Jews to a place of Divine inspiration. 

Can you have a summer camp with only seven kids? Should you? The objective of the “Thirteen-Day Farbrengen Camp” was to amplify and set in motion a series of events to return young, holy Jews to a place of Divine inspiration. 

With the help from Rabbi Yosef Moscowitz, Executive Director of Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois and the acclaimed Living Room Chabad House, that’s exactly what we did. 

Between the health b’gashmius, the 5-star meals, the exciting, action-packed local trips, the beautiful apartment to return to every night, and the constant farbrenging, davening, and hands-on learning, our seven campers – hailing from Israel, Australia, New York, and Baltimore had their lives changed forever.

Prior to joining, they each faced certain life challenges and as a result, struggled with their adherence to Yiddishkeit. Each boy got comprehensive farbrengen sessions to address their specific issues, creating an environment more akin to a spiritual fraternity than a camp-style kumbaya. In truth, it was less a camp than a brotherhood. 

The Farby-style curriculum provided an open platform for addressing common challenges such as vape, weed, and phone addiction.

Headed by Temimim Gavriel, Meir, and Aaron, the rules of the Farbrengen camp were simple: no phones, davening 3 times a day, and a commitment to healthy lifestyle choices. In exchange, these staff planned an exciting itinerary, taking advantage of some of the greatest attractions Chicago has to offer. 

Some of the activities included archery, paintball, a trip to Six Flags, nighttime kayaking on the Chicago River, a professional soccer game, and an overnight camping in the woods. For completing the entire Tehillim on Shabbos mevorichim, the boys were treated to a Melave Malka at the high end Nuovo Italian restaurant.

Over 40 years ago, Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz a”h, Shliach Roshi of Illinois, along with his Rebbetzin ylc”t Mrs. Esther Rochel, came to Chicago and sowed the foundation of a chasiddishe city, and shaped the standards of chinuch in Chicago. Building on the foundation of his parents, Rabbi Yosef and his wife Sara, master educators, jumped on the opportunity to take on this new frontier, throwing all their resources to this ultimate farbrengen. 

While using The Living Room as their home base, participants in “The Thirteen Day Farbrengen” were able to take full advantage of the in-house facilities, including the game room, rooftop deck, hot tub, sauna, fireplace, commercial coffee bar, ice cream machine, slush machine, crepe-maker, and soda fountain. 

For almost two weeks, the boys were able to start their days at The Living Room with the Moscowitz family – who live in the same building – playing games, prepping meals, and had opportunities to join rooftop Shabbat Dinners and meet community members who stopped by. 

We are proud to say that four boys who weren’t planning on attending yeshiva have decided, after the 13-day farbrengen, to enroll as bochurim in the Rabbinical College of America. We are excited to open our doors even further in 5784!

Watch this video to get a taste of just what went down in The 13 Day Farbrengen:  

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After much inspiration, the boys created a song to capture the emotions that they were experiencing through the 13 Day Farbrengan. Here is what they made in the studio:

But it doesn’t stop there. Camp director Gavriel got a request from one of the boys, “Please make a sukkos program, if you don’t, I I’m afraid of how far I could fall.” 

So without further a due, we prefer the 11 day Sukkos surfing camp just north of Malibu!!!

Unfortunately Tishrei, for many teens, is the time of year for indulging in drugs and going to parties and doing other things that need not be mentioned. Thus, the Sukkos Surfing camp was established. The age group is 15-17 years old. 

Because it was established in such haste, the funds haven’t had a chance to reveal themselves. 

So we ask from the botttom of our heart, please help us save the Aibeshters kinder and give what you can. 

We need to pay for an Airbnb, Yom Tov food and regular food, a rental car, gas, surfboards and wetsuits, as well as money for other trips planned. 

Total needed will amount to estimated $11,340 

Here is the link to donate:

Zelle 3103844286 

cashapp @GavrielKollin 

Thank you so much for your generosity! For more info please contact Gavriel at 3103844286

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