Guests Beware: Thieves Stealing Suitcases From 770

The gabboim of the main shul at 770 Eastern Parkway are urging all Tishrei guests not to leave valuables or belongings inside or outside the shul without supervision after 2 suitcases were stolen in broad daylight.

By reporter

Gabboim of the main shul at 770 Eastern Parkway are urging the thousands of guests arriving for Tishrei to carefully watch their belongings after a distressing incident on Monday.

The latest incident unfolded when a guest arriving at 770 left his suitcase at the back entrance to 770 while he went inside to daven. When the owner returned to retrieve his belongings, he discovered much to his dismay, that his suitcase has gone missing.

The theft victim immediately notified Rabbi Yosef Kratz, manager of the Shul, who reviewed the shul’s CCTV to try to identify the thieves. Security footage showed two adult men rummaging through suitcases and then making off with them in broad daylight.

In order to prevent future incidents, Gabboim are urging guest who arrives at 770 not to leave luggage unattended for any period of time and for Shul goers to stay vigilant against suspicious activity.

“People must not leave suitcases or other belongings unattended neither inside nor outside the Shul,” the gabboim told “The Shul is unable to take responsibility for missing possessions left unsupervised.”

In addition to incidents of missing possessions, unattended belongings are also a potential safety hazard. “There are many people who feel that the walkways are a good place to store suitcases or scooters as they daven, causing a potential safety hazard,” a gabbai told “We will be strictly enforcing the new rule and not allowing anything in the entrances.”


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