They Can’t Bring Themselves to Ask You

They’re your neighbors, and your friends – you know them so well. But beneath the cheerful facade, they really need your help.

You know this family well. They’re your neighbors, good friends, and they’re wonderful. 

He leaves the house every morning and smiles as he passes you by, like everyone else on the way to shul. He doesn’t look like a man who was laid off, who is worn down by a months-long search for a steady job, who is stretching himself thin doing odd jobs around the clock, trying in vain to make ends meet. 

You meet her in the elevator on the way home from the school bus. The kids chatter excitedly about their Purim plans – the costumes they’ll wear, the mishloach manos they’ll give, the festive seudos and all of the guests they hope to see. Like you, she responds to her children’s eager and inquisitive looks with a smile and a nod. 

You would never know that as she enters her apartment and shuts the door behind her, her chest is tight and she can barely breathe. She escapes to her room before the kids can see the tears falling from her eyes. No one hears her silent prayer as she begs Hashem to come through for her family this Purim. 

If you knew how your Matanos L’evyonim could help them, you’d be there for them in a flash. But they just can’t bring themselves to ask. 

This is where Keren Anash comes in. It’s the address people turn to when they need help, but want privacy. They know we’ll come through for them without compromising their dignity. 

This Purim, your Matanos L’evyonim can help those you care about, the ones who are struggling silently. Your tzedaka is given out bo bayom – on the day of Purim. Donate now, and know that this most precious of Purim mitzvos will be taken care of in the most appropriate and beautiful way!

Be a part of a venahafoch hu of the most extraordinary kind – turning smiles that hide pain and shame into genuine expressions of joy. 

Join now:

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