These People Are Larger Than Life

A member of anash shares his own experience with kidney failure and his utmost gratitude to those who donate from themselves to help fellow Yidden.

A Member of Anash

As a person who Boruch Hashem is a recipient of a live kidney transplant, that was facilitated by RENEWAL, many things that I was totally unaware of have been brought to my attention.

I am not the only Lubavitcher in Crown Heights who has benefitted from their services to klal Yisroel. There are many others.

If you also count Lubavitchers out of Crown Heights, Shluchim and baalei batim alike the numbers are many. Sadly they had renal (kidney) dysfunction, but the wonders of Hashem are unbelievable and a total stranger (if that can be said about one Jew to another) can give them back their health. 

There are also live kidney donors from Lubavitch, who are residents of Crown Heights, as well as in many other states and countries who donated a kidney to help another Jew, and refuse any recognition for their kindness. No publicity, no shout-outs.

Those who did publicize their deed were not for any recognition, but just to show that their health wasn’t affected in any manner and perhaps it would encourage others to follow suit.

As many live donors say, their only regret is that they have only one extra kidney to donate, and they can’t save another individual.

They and over one thousand and one hundred donors are unbelievable. As we say Mi Ki’amcha Yisroel.

While many donors do so for family members or friends, a huge number of donors do so without any knowledge of who the fortunate recipient is. The first time I met my donor was some five months later. We did not know of the other person’s existence before the transplant was to take place.

For someone who was on dialysis three days a week, I can tell you, I feel as if I have a new life. There were so many limitations as to what I could do during those months and what I can Boruch Hashem do now.

This week alone (as of Wednesday morning) RENEWAL facilitated six live donor transplants and one of them was a Lubavitcher outside of New York.

I could go on and on, but the reason I am writing this short note is that today Wednesday afternoon, RENEWAL is making their annual fundraising drive to help more and more of acheinu bnei yisroel

The donors and recipients come from every spectrum of the Jewish nation, but we are still one nation. 

On behalf of all of Anash who have benefitted or donated, I am asking you to please help them save another Jew and yet another, by clicking the link

In this zechus may we merit that Hashem will bless all of us and our entire nation in all that we need, as we say in Sim Sholom “Burcheinu Avinu Koolunoo K’Echad,” that Hashem will bless us, because we are all united as one.

Thank you. May no one in your family or acquaintances need their or other health organizations’ help in dealing with these life-shattering illnesses.


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