There is Nothing Cliché About Yagdil Torah’s Annual Campaign

There are many campaigns going on and the ones we choose to support are the ones important to us. If you are reading this, you or someone important to you is probably benefiting from Yagdil Torah.

Anash, This One’s for Us!

Yagdil Torah, dedicated to providing Torah learning for Anash, needs you to participate in our annual fundraising drive.
Those wishing to donate via Paypal or CashApp:PayPal: [email protected]
CashApp:  347.223.5943  

Donate $54 or more to our annual campaign and enter the raffle to win something priceless! Details below.

Our work at Yagdil Torah benefits many people you know and care about, possibly yourself, and we’re confident you’d like to be among those that help Torah learning flourish.

Your donation  goes towards what makes it all happen! Organizers, presenters, designers, writers, translators, programmers, office management, marketing costs, internet and telephone platforms – along with maintaining our Heichal Halimud.

For support email: [email protected]
Call, WhatsApp or Text: 347.223.5943

Raffle details: Donate $54 or more to our annual campaign and enter a raffle to win something priceless. Details on

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