There Are Endless Shlichus Positions, If You Are Creative

Oped by Rabbi Mendel Dubov: Are you – or someone you know – looking to go on Shlichus? There are endless opportunities. You just have to be willing to think slightly out of the box.

By Rabbi Mendel Dubov – Shliach to Sussex County, NJ

Let’s cut to the chase. The Rebbe’s relentless call to every one of us is – ווערט שלוחים און גייט אייננעמען די וועלט מיט אידישקייט.

The chinuch of Tomchei Temimim and Chabad in our generation must consist of the fact that the ultimate Zechus in life is to be part of the Rebbe’s army of Shluchim and Shluchos “to bring Moshiach Tzidkeinu”.

The definition of “Shlichus” in our context is to be actively working in הפצת התורה והיהדות והפצת המעיינות חוצה within the framework of one of the Rebbe’s Mosdos.

To make this a reality for many, creative thinking is imperative. Creativity is the fuel of success and growth. Stagnation is the first step for failure.

Are you – or someone you know – looking to go on Shlichus? Is it not coming along easily? It may be time for some creative thinking.


Very, very few Shluchim are ready at any given time to bring out a new couple or facilitate the start of a new Mosad. There is of course a steady flow of this happening, but waiting around for such an opportunity can be long and frustrating. You want to get out there already!

Here is a little secret:

The majority of Shluchim and Mosdos, are looking, nay desperately looking, for part time help! For Chabad Houses this can be managing any number of specific programs or functions; in Mosdos Chinuch – filling a part time position of teaching, administration, etc.

So, number one:


Call those relatives, friends, and connections that you and your spouse have in a given part of the world. Ask them if they can use some part time help. Then see if another Mosad in the area is looking as well. Maybe there is another small paying function in the area and can be yours. You get the gist.

If the various pieces you have worked out are not enough to sustain you, get creative in filling in the gap. Today when such a huge amount of עבודת הקודש can be done online, you can be absolutely anywhere and your online work will be a piece of your Shlichus combo.

Now, these small jobs may not feel like the launch of your ideal Shlichus “career”. In this case, well, welcome to the world. Very few people begin working in their dream job. They climb the ladder to get there. The same is true here:

While you occupy these part time positions you can work on looking for and developing those Shlichus projects that you envision yourself being in. Give it some time. You’ll get there.

All this is intertwined with idea #2:


For a Shliach, bringing over a new family to a place is a big project and a major Achrayus.

If your Shlichus doesn’t feel like it will be in Crown Heights then put a little package together of part-time jobs in a different location and – go there.

When you are in a place, Shluchim and Menahalei Mosdos take note. If you’re good enough, they will ask you to do things. It is a completely different story when you are already in a place and the Shliach does not have to take the responsibility and risk of hiring you from scratch. Significant offers will come forth much more readily.

The method above has been the road to the success of many families moving on Shlichus. My family is one of them.


Looking for other creative forms of Shlichus? Some new, exciting but very practical ideas? Stay tuned for Part Two!

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  1. When the Rebbe started shlichus, there was little structure, and it was up to the individual to find ways to reach people.

    As time progressed, shlichus took on a certain form. But the form was secondary. The main thing was to carry out the shlichus.

    Today, some have become more obsessed with “being a shliach” (and in a specific form) than with the shlichus itself. The main should be the work, and the exact form is secondary.

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