The Winner of The Bayis Raffle is….

The Bayis Raffle announced the winners of their grand prize of 6 months of rent or mortgage payments and their second prize of a beautiful Zlata lace top wig. 

Hundreds of people joined together to support Haftazas Hamayonos by participating in the Bayis Raffle, benefiting Machon Or HaChasidus. 

Machon Or HaChassidus wishes heartfelt congratulations to the lucky winner: 

Yisrael & Esther Nemanow from Brooklyn NY on winning the grand prize of 6 months of rent or mortgage payments! 

Congratulations to Miriam Telsner from Brooklyn NY on winning a brand new Zlata lace top wig! 

Machon Or HaChassidus thanks every single participant in the raffle for their generous support in revolutionizing Hafatzas Hamayanos. There is no better way to approach the auspicious day of Yud Shvat than by bringing Chassidus to thousands who would otherwise have no access. 

Your generosity funds projects including daily and weekly publications read by thousands worldwide, two Baderech Seforim Mobiles – LED trucks filled with Sifrei Chassidus and Chassidishe multimedia which travel to communities throughout the tri-state area, creating a contagious excitement at every stop, and so much more. 

Thank you for being a part of sharing the Rebbe’s Chassidus with the world. 

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