The Winner of $10,000 Is…

The Derher Raffle for $10,000 has been drawn. Check inside to see if you are the lucky winner!

The Derher Raffle Has Concluded…And The Winner Is

Thank you for your participation in the Derher Raffle!

The Derher Raffles have been drawn!

Congratulations to the first prize winner of $10,000:

Rabbi Michel & Chani Gurkov from Wayne, New Jersey.

And to the second place winner:

Rabbi Mendy Harlig from Brooklyn, New York.

Producing the Derher every single month is an enormous operation that comes along with a hefty price tag. Since the Derher does not fund itself through advertisements and the subscription rate is heavily subsidized, it is only thanks to your generosity, together with the rest of the participants of the Derher Raffle that the Derher can continue in it’s important work of producing quality, family-friendly, Chassidishe literature every single month.

May you be blessed with an abundance of revealed good, health, nachas and success in all of your endeavors!

A Chassidishe Derher

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