The Third Partner’s Opinion On Planning a Family

“Family planning” — a catchy phrase that appeals to our desire for stability and order. But are we paying attention to the input of our Third Partner on the plan? 

Is it responsible to write a check in the thousands with no funds in the bank? Would you take a roadtrip without filling up on gas? Typically, we are expected to plan ahead and make pragmatic decisions. Should a couple opt for having another child if they are struggling financially? Is it healthy to welcome a baby into a home that leaves much room for improvement? 

Society’s approach to family planning may seem attractive but it is missing the input of Hashem, the third and vital Partner. 


The period of our nation’s slavery in Egypt was one of immense darkness. The general consensus was that it was not a time to bring children into the world.  

The Jewish women, however, disregarded these concerns and devoted themselves to birthing and raising the next generation of children, despite the dreadful circumstances. 

These were the children who eventually became the guarantors for the Torah at Har Sinai. 

The Jewish women recognized a fundamental truth that is just as relevant for us today. It is unnecessary to wait for a perfect atmosphere in order to bring a child into the world. The sum on our paycheck should not get in the way of having another child. After all, “He who gives life will give sustenance.”

The apprehension that a couple has about having more children is shouldered by their Third Partner. He can be trusted to know when is the best time to bestow the blessing, if only they are open to receiving it. 

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