The Sweater Reveal: Tzivos Hashem Unveils New Uniform

It’s been years in the making, excitedly awaiting, the new Tzivos Hashem uniform is finally here! Here’s how your child can get one of their own.


It’s been years in the making…excitedly awaiting… the new Tzivos Hashem uniform is finally here!


Bonus: sweater will include your personal Rank Patch!

What do you have to do? Make a family team page, and ask family and friends to participate in this year’s Tzivos Hashem Fundraiser.

After the campaign is over, have your parents log in to your Tzivos Hashem account. Choose colors, sizes, and ranks for the sweaters you earned.

Don’t forget your donors! Anyone who donated $150 or more on your team page, can get a sweater through you, but you need to input their details in your account when you do yours.

Confirm your details before Tuesday, 17 Sivan – June 6th. Receive your sweaters at the first Elul 5783 rally.

Other exciting opportunities:

Every $50 raised earns you a ticket into a Rebbe Dollar raffle!

Have you been putting tzedakah into your TH Pushka?

Those funds can be used towards the fundraiser! Bring the pushka to your Base Commander, and he/she will include the tzedakah money as a donation for your team page.

Removable rank patch can be updated as you go up in rank!

Matching cap!

ΤΗ logo zipper!

Unique uniforms for girls and boys!

We Want Moshiach Now pull-strings!

New army-style design!

Click here to make sure you get YOUR sweater!

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  1. The צבאות השם uniform is exactly what the רבי writes in שיחות and tells the Jewish children.

    Which is Yarmuka and Tzizis / tznius clothing.

    Not what someone decides…. this may be clothing with צבאות השם logo.

    1. You can see in pictures that tzivos hashem chidren always passed the rebbe with their uniform, its not “someone”…

      1. Different kids with different type of clothing with the Tzivot hashem logo but not a uniform

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