The Strange Forest Lights: A Story for Chanukah

Sit back and enjoy the gripping Chanukah Story of Reb Pesachya from Kherson, as related by master storyteller Rabbi Sholom Perl.

Reb Pesachya from Kherson was a chassid of the Rebbe Rashab, the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe. 

Once, at a Simchas Torah Farbrengen with his Rebbe, Reb Pesachya stood up and declared:

“The Rebbe always says that he does not perform miracles—but I have a miracle story to tell……

Rabbi Perl, Master storyteller will take you into the deep russian forest with Reb Pesachya from Kherson’s, and witness what happened when his life was threatened…………


A Rebbe sees way beyond what we can see. It’s for our own good that we follow the Rebbe, his teachings and his loving guidance. 

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