The Shabbos That Changed My Life: A YU Student Shares

The Shabbaton in Crown Heights for Yeshiva University students was an inspiring and life changing experience for the students. Here, Reuben Silver, shares his story.

By Reuben Silver

As a student at Yeshiva University, I had heard about the annual Chabad Club Shabbaton in Crown Heights, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say, the experience exceeded all my expectations.

From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and included. The Oholei Torah bochurim who organized the event went above and beyond to make everyone feel at home, and their passion for Chassidus was contagious.

The classes and farbrengens were engaging and thought-provoking, and I appreciated the opportunity to learn from such knowledgeable and dynamic speakers. The visit to the Ohel was especially powerful, and I felt a profound sense of connection to the Rebbe and the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

But perhaps the highlight of the weekend was the Malave Malka concert. The music, the energy, and the sense of community were unforgettable. I found myself singing and dancing along with everyone else, feeling a sense of joy and belonging that I won’t soon forget.

Overall, the Chabad Club @ YU Shabbaton was an incredible experience that has deepened my appreciation for Chassidus and the rich traditions of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. I’m grateful to Rabbi Sputz, Ariel Mansano, and all the Oholei Torah bochurim for creating such a meaningful and memorable weekend.

This Shabbaton is totally arranged, ran, and funded by Shiur Daled OT Bochrim, so please help make this Shabbaton a reality by helping us reach our goal of $15,000 to give students like these a Shabbos they will never forget. Click here to support.

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  1. Wow. what a beautiful and amplifying שבת that I was זוכה to be a part of last year .and of course this year again I will be there, I love חב”ד and everything that they do.

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