The Sefer the Rebbe Tells People to Learn

A Moment with the Rebbe: When a Lubavitch supporter shared his wish for yechidus, the Rebbe grew serious and gave him a fundamental instruction.

An affluent Yid, who was niskarev to Lubavitch in the 5740’s (1980’s), joined the Machane Yisroel development fund. Once, after the Rebbe addressed the group of supporters, he had an opportunity to approach the Rebbe, and he said the following:

“Rebbe, I have become close to Lubavitch only recently. I therefore have not merited a private yechidus. Please accept me to a yechidus.”

The Rebbe suddenly became very serious and sat up straighter in his chair. The Rebbe began talking, but this Yid became so emotional, he couldn’t grasp what the Rebbe was saying to him.

But he caught one thing. The Rebbe said, “Bichlal, az m’falt arain tzu mir, heis ich lernen Tanya – As a rule, when one comes to me, I tell him to learn Tanya.”

(Teshurah Vichnin, Adar 5759)

From The Weekly Fabrengen by Merkaz Anash

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