The Sefer the Rebbe Prepared Down to the Title Page

After being out of print for many years, the sefer “Shnayim Ochazin B’Talis” from the Rebbe’s Reshimos was reprinted by Kehos in a new and updated edition, with many changes from the previous version.

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After being out of print for many years, the sefer “Shnayim Ochazin B’Talis” from the Rebbe’s Reshimos is back with new additions.

First printed 25 years ago, in 5756, it was the first book to be printed after Gimmel Tammuz 5754 from the notebooks of Reshimos that the Rebbe left behind in his room. The Rebbe had originally edited and prepared the book for printing in 5702, less than a year after his arrival in the USA. The Rebbe even went so far to draw the title page and write a preface (photos below), but for some reason, it didn’t go to print then.

After Gimmel Tammuz, four different editions of the reshima entitled “Shnayim Ochazin B’Talis” were found amongst the Rebbe’s writings:

1) A very short initial outline, in the Rebbe’s handwriting, from the months of Tishrei-Cheshvan 5702. [Photo 1]

2) First draft, in the Rebbe’s handwriting, written in the the winter of 5702. [Photo 2]

3) Final version, in the Rebbe’s handwriting, dated 5702, without a specific date. [Photo 3]

4) Final version, typewritten, with corrections in the Rebbe’s handwriting on the margin, and some additions (from the year 5702, without a specific date).

In the 5756 edition, the final version including all the final corrections of the Rebbe was printed as is, without the commentary printed alongside all the other Reshimos. Also included were the two versions of the Rebbe’s first draft, as per the Rebbe’s instructions in similar situations.

The chiddushim of the new edition include:

1) The final version is accompanied by commentary offering the reader a better understanding of the Rebbe’s words, even those unfamiliar with the subject.

2) Also, passages from the first version that the Rebbe did not include in the final version, are included in the notes of the final version for comparison.

It’s worth noting that the Rebbe himself chose the name of the essay. The full name that the Rebbe chose is: “Proposal for the content of a conversation at a gathering of Bnei Torah, first booklet, Shnayim Ochazin B’Talis (Sugya beginning of Bava Matzia).” The book is thus titled, “Shnayim Ochazin B’Talis.”

Another point, highlighted in the introduction to the new edition, is that although the main portion of the sefer is an explanation in Nigleh on the Gemara in the beginning of Bava Matzia, it is interwoven with Chassidus as well. As the Rebbe writes in his own introduction, that it is “an explanation of an entire sugya and how to apply it to the soul, something that is still new in the eyes of most students, even though explaining Torah in life of the soul is a very old path, as the Midrashim of our Sages and Gedolei Yisroel are filled with them.”

The new book is available at the Kehos and at

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