The Satmar Rebbe’s Response to a Lubavitcher Bochur’s Request

“Lubavitch is for the whole world!” That’s how the Satmar Rebbe responded to a request by a Lubavitcher shochet to check his shechita knife. 

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“Lubavitch is for the whole world!”

That what the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, Harav Aharon Teitelbaum, responded when he was asked by a Lubavitcher shochet to check his shechita knife. 

The Lubavitcher was bochur Eliyahu Ezagui, a shochet who has shechted in many countries around the world, including far-flung locations, earning himself the name “the International Shochet.”

This past week, he visited a slaughterhouse in the Monroe area together with a group of Satmar shochtim for shechita arrangments.

After the visit, the group traveled to the nearby home of the Satmar Rebbe to discuss their findings with him. Ezagui, who was still with the group, decided to ask the Satmar Rebbe, who is the rov of the area and checks the local shoctim‘s knives, to check his shechita knife for animals.

When the Satmar Rebbe heard his request, he demurred.

“I check the shochtim‘s knives as the rov of Monroe. But you are Lubavitch, and Lubavitch is for the whole world!” he said.

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