The Results Are Coming In

The first winner of Likras Shabbos’s raffle for a dollar of the Rebbe for every member of the winner’s immediate family has been drawn!

The first of four lucky winners of Likras Shabbos’s raffle to win a dollar from the Rebbe for their entire immediate family has been drawn.

Congratulations to Mendy and Chana Gochafi from Kiryat Malakhi – Israel!

They won 8 dollars from the Rebbe for themselves and their 6 children.

Wishing you had participated in the raffle for this tremendous prize?

Good news! There are still three more winners that will be drawn throughout the course of the campaign.

Likras Shabbos has launched an ambitious project in Hafatzas HaMaayanos – A Million Lights.

In the upcoming year, over 1,000,000 Likras Shabbos pamphlets will be printed and delivered to shuls, yeshivas and community centers around the globe.

Partner with them in this effort and you can win a dollar from the Rebbe for every member of your immediate family!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first raffle. The next raffle will be drawn on Wednesday, November 11th – 24th of Cheshvan.

Visit for more information and to take part!

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