The Rebbe’s Words Surprised These Barbados Rabbis

We’ve recently seen how thousands of Yidden who once claimed to want nothing to do with Hashem have now embraced Him. It’s sad that this came through such tragic circumstances, but let it be an inspiration to never give up on bringing Hashem’s presence to every single yid.

By Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier – The Beis Medrash

In response to last week’s dvar Torah, Rabbi Yitzchak Bogomilsky, a shliach in Maplewood, New Jersey, shared the following with me:

In 5720 (1960), Rabbi Shmuel Pesach Bogomilsky was sent by the Rebbe on a shlichus to Barbados. There he met with the Rosh Hakahal, Rabbi Aryeh Shpaizman. Some time later, Rabbi Shmaizman came to New York and Rabbi Bogomilsky accompanied him on his yechidus with the Rebbe.

The Rebbe asked Rabbi Shpaizman to share a vort, and he shared the vort (expounded on in last week’s email): וארא אל האבות, Hashem appears to those who want. The Rebbe listened and then said:

עס האט שוין פאסירט אז דער אויבערשטער האט זיך באוויזען אויך צו די וועלכע ווילען ניט

“It has happened that Hashem appeared also to those who don’t want.”

They understood the Rebbe’s message to mean that there are many Yidden who unfortunately don’t have a revealed desire for Hashem. And yet, Hashem reaches out to these people. And one of the ways He does this is by sending shluchim, such as Rabbi Shpaizman, to help them see Hashem in their lives.

On another occasion, the Rebbe showed Rabbi Shpaizman and Rabbi Bogomilsky an example of this and, b’hashgachah protis, it’s related to this week’s sedra in which we are given the prohibition of chometz on Pesach.  

During his shlichus to Barbados, Rabbi Bogomilsky came up with the idea to have people sell their chometz before Pesach. Rabbi Shpaizmen and some other Rabbanim were concerned because these Yidden were totally non-observant and were likely to eat chometz on Pesach anyway, thereby nullifying the entire sale.

In a letter [1], the Rebbe addressed this concern and went through six points, insisting that there’s room to say that they won’t eat chometz, and even if they do, it would still be halachically preferable for them to sell their chometz.

These were Yidden who were not looking for Hashem but the Rebbe insisted that we can arrange that Hashem, through His mitzvos, should appear to them.

This Shabbos marks the passing of the Frierdiker Rebbe and the beginning of the Rebbe’s leadership. It can be said that this is the hallmark of all their work: Bring Hashem’s presence even to places and people who don’t show any desire for it. Because we can be absolutely sure that, deep down every yid does want Hashem.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen how thousands of Yidden in Eretz Yisroel who once claimed to want nothing to do with Hashem have now embraced Him. It’s sad that Hashem’s appearance to them came through such tragic circumstances, but let this be an inspiration to never give up on bringing Hashem’s presence to every single yid. Whether it’s a family member or a random yid, we mustn’t be deterred by their disinterest. Like the Rebbe’s response to selling chometz, we may have to get very creative and also be persistent, but with Hashem’s help, we’ll succeed.

Let’s also be reminded that Hashem appears to us as well, even when we’re not feeling so connected or interested. This can happen through someone reaching out to us or by an opportunity to do a mitzvah that came our way. The more we’re open to the idea the easier it will be to recognize it when it happens.

[1] Igros Kodesh vol 19 pg. 246

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