The Rebbe’s English Letters to Shluchos Facing Challenges

Rebbe Responsa Issue 8: The Rebbe’s English letters on the Three Weeks, Camp, and to shluchos facing challenges in their work.

In this week’s issue of Rebbe Responsa, view nine letters written by the Rebbe in English addressing timely events and issues. The topics discussed in the booklet include a message from the Rebbe on the significance of the Three Weeks, as well as several letters discussing the importance and mission of Jewish Summer Camps.  

Also included in the booklet are three empowering letters written to Chabad Shluchos who wrote to the Rebbe of various personal struggles they were facing in their Shlichus.

Published at the end of the booklet is a newly-released letter sent to a Rabbi, in response to his condemnation of a group of individuals based on a slanderous report he had received.

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