The Rebbe’s English Letters on Merkos Shlichus

Rebbe Responsa Issue 9: The Rebbe’s English letters shedding light on the far-reaching impact of Merkos Shlichus, and its lessons for us all.

In this week’s issue of Rebbe Responsa, view letters written by the Rebbe in English to young Rabbis embarking on Merkos Shlichus and to the Jews which they inspired. From a woman in far off Panama, the Jewish communities in South America, and a “Small Jew from Curacao”, each letter highlights the Rebbe’s care for every Jew no matter where in the world he or she may be. 

In one letter the Rebbe writes that Merkos Shlichus should serve as a lesson for every Jew. If such brief Merkos Shlichus encounters can have such a major impact, the influence one can have on Jews in one’s permanent place of residence is unimaginable. 

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