The Rebbe’s English Letters on Business Growth and Expansion

This week’s booklet includes letters written to businessmen in which the Rebbe encourages them to grow and enlarge their businesses while ensuring that their business remains a proper “vessel” through which to receive Hashem’s blessings. 

Rebbe Responsa presents a collection of letters in which the Rebbe advises businesses to expand their efforts and enlarge. Everything in this world can serve G-d, including businesses, and therefore should be on the increase.

At the beginning of this week’s Torah portion, we are commanded: “Six days work shall be done, but on the seventh day you shall have sanctity” (Shemos 35:2.) Chassidus teaches that this verse is not merely commanding us to observe the Shabbos, but rather informing us of the proper way to conduct ourselves during the six days preceding it. As our Sages state, “The same way the Jewish nation was commanded to observe Shabbos so too were they commanded to work” (Mechilta 20:9.) 

When one conducts his business with the realization that he is merely fulfilling G-d’s wishes to create a “vessel” through which he can receive G-d’s blessings, working itself becomes a part of serving Him (See at length in Likkutei Sichos, vol. 1, pp. 187-193).

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In a previous booklet (issue 40), we published an excerpt from a letter advising a businessman to use his business capabilities to its fullest potential (Dated the 4th of Adar I, 5736): 

“. . . It is self-evident that you should continue actively in the business world, which, obviously will be good for your self-confidence and in general, as well as for your wife and family.

“There is also a further point to this. You have been successful in business for many years, having put to good use the capacities and talents which G-d has bestowed upon you in a generous measure. It would therefore not be right, to say the least, not to utilize them fully in the future, for it would be tantamount to rejecting something which G-d has given you to make good use of. In other words, it is not merely a personal problem, but one that has also other far-reaching implications. . . “

Taking this theme a little further, in this week’s booklet we present a selection of letters written to businessmen in which the Rebbe encourages them to grow and enlarge their businesses, while at the same time ensuring that their business remains a proper “vessel” through which to receive G-d’s blessings. 

Over the past few weeks, Rebbe Responsa has been receiving tens of new letters which they are soon to publish. They kindly request anyone who may be in possession of letters of the Rebbe in English, to send them to the email below so that these unique treasures can benefit the public. Published at the end of the booklet is a newly-released letter which has recently been shared with us.

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These selected letters are sourced from the extensive collection of over 5,000 English letters written by the Rebbe, accessible through the Rebbe Responsa app. To view previous issues click here.

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