The Rebbe’s English Letters on Being a ‘Jew at Heart’

This week’s issue of Rebbe Responsa contains a collection of letters on the importance of physical action, and why that takes priority over being “a Jew at heart”.

On the subject of this week’s Torah Portion, Parshas Shlach, it is explained that the reason why the Meraglim (spies) wished to remain in the desert was because they preferred to remain aloof and not become involved in the physical world. However, they were mistaken, because the ultimate goal is to be present in this world, and to transform and spiritualize it. On this note, the letters included in this week’s booklet are on the subject of Prioritizing Action, over being “a Jew at heart”.

In addition, included is a Newly Released Letter as part of our recently relaunched daily newly released letter series, about battling depression.

To view letters related to the Parsha refer to last Year’s booklet.

Rebbe Responsa kindly requests anyone who may be in possession of letters of the Rebbe in English, to send them by email so that these unique treasures can benefit the public.

These selected letters are sourced from the extensive collection of over 5,000 English letters written by the Rebbe, accessible through the Rebbe Responsa app. To view previous issues click here.

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