The Rebbe’s English Letters About Gifts for His Birthday

This week’s Rebbe Responsa booklet includes fascinating English letters from the Rebbe on gifts for his birthday, the “Fifth Son,” and newly released letters.

Published in this week’s booklet are letters regarding the upcoming Yomtov of Pesach, as well as the Rebbe’s birthday. The 11th of Nissan this year marks the Rebbe’s 122nd birthday. In honor of the Rebbe’s birthday, we present several letters written by the Rebbe in connection to his birthday.

In the first letter, written to Mr. David Chase, the Rebbe makes an intriguing request. “Although it is not customary nor proper to ask for a birthday gift” the Rebbe writes, “but considering our special relationship, I venture to do so, being confident that you will treat it in the proper spirit.” The Rebbe goes on to request that he start putting on Tefillin daily.

As we celebrate the Rebbe’s birthday and reflect on what the Rebbe has given and continues to give to us, we must take the time to consider what it is that we could do to give the Rebbe Nachas, through advancing in our Torah learning, performance of Mitzvos and service of Hashem.

Following are letters written to Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, thanking them for proclaiming the 11th of Nissan as Education Day, a tradition which has been observed yearly by every president since 1978. Published at the end of the booklet is a newly released letter from our daily newly released letter series, launched in honor of the Rebbe’s birthday.

Rebbe Responsa kindly requests anyone who may be in possession of letters of the Rebbe in English, to send them by email so that these unique treasures can benefit the public.

These selected letters are sourced from the extensive collection of over 5,000 English letters written by the Rebbe, accessible through the Rebbe Responsa app. To view previous issues click here.

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