The Rebbe’s Emphasis on Looking Deeper in an Era of Superficiality

In honor of 15 Av, Sichos in English is sharing an excerpt from its upcoming expanded edition of Eternal Joy, which lays out the Rebbe’s timeless outlook on shidduchim and marriage.

In the days of old, when bachurim would seek out their brides on the 15th of Av, they would be greeted by the call of the maidens of Yerushalayim in the vineyards, “Raise your eyes and see….” 

Connecting this phrase to the pasuk, “Se’u marom eineichem,” “Raise your eyes to the Heavens…,” the Rebbe emphasized that when it comes to the process of shidduchim and marriage, it is of paramount importance to “raise your eyes and see” the matter from an elevated perspective. In an era of superficiality, the Rebbe encouraged us to look deeper.

Providing the timeless outlook of the Torah and Chassidus, Eternal Joy has provided clarity to countless young bochurim and girls for decades.

Now, in honor of 15 Av, Sichos in English is delighted to share an excerpt from its upcoming expanded edition of Eternal Joy, written in the accessible style of the rapidly-growing Rebbe’s Perspective series.

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